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Alternative environmentally friendly stabilisers

The long time use of proven lead stabilisers in window profiles made from PVC-U has become a controversial ecological debate.

As a result Kömmerling have been researching for several years to find a formula that will at least meet the performance of previously used stabilisers and also demonstrate a hig environmental compatibility.

Together with Cognis, the subsidiary chemical company of the Henkel group economical production has now been made possible.

Longer-Lasting Sheen

In the past, the silk mat sheen of our window profiles was the sign of quality and will continue to be even more so in the future, as the new CaZn window profiles are expected to retain their beautiful sheen considerably longer than that of traditional stabilisers.

Green Line convention contractually ensure a high degree of environmental responsibility.

Kömmerling is employing the most effective means of environmental protection that to self-imposed responsibility. Incorporating old PVC-U windows into material re-circulation chains as well as the use of state of the art CaZn stabilisers is a requirement like ecologically sealing during installation also.

Kömmerling Connoisseur Gold is the ultimate choice

for today's environment, offering environmentally friendly

solutions to PVC-U manufacturing.

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